Thursday, May 28, 2009

You really should learn something new everyday!

I learned something new. They say you should do this everyday. Honestly, I don't keep track. But occasionly there will be an instance that sticks out in my mind. Here is what lead me to Google this morning.

Last night we went to a shindig for the all of the small group leaders in our church. It's kind of like a pep rally of sorts, making sure we are all on the same page.

We played Pac-Man and an 80's version of Don't Forget the Lyrics. Top it off with Mexican food and I was totally in my element.

When we got down to the business side of things our Director of Connections Ministries mentioned a set of DVD's she wanted the groups to consider using during the summer months. The Passion Series by Louie Giglio. She went on to talk briefly about each of the DVD's in the series. They all sounded interesting but one grabbed my attention. Laminin. A protein molecule in our bodies.

Now, you may already know about Laminin. If so, please know that I have forgiven you for not telling me about this sooner! If you don't and you're in a small group at the church I attend, this could be a spoiler, so you'll have to forgive me!

Without further ado, please watch this snipet of Louie Giglio speaking about Laminin.


Amanda Rickman said...

please forgive. i don't think i was your 'friend' though, so really, no hard feelings, right?!
i've watched this video over & over. God's pretty much amazing.

elisa said...

wow, pretty cool!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

If you say Laminin real fast 5 times, it sounds like you're speaking in tongues.

Now that's goosebumps!


Tara said...

Not to be a copy cat, but I really do have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I will be sharing this!