Thursday, May 28, 2009

You really should learn something new everyday!

I learned something new. They say you should do this everyday. Honestly, I don't keep track. But occasionly there will be an instance that sticks out in my mind. Here is what lead me to Google this morning.

Last night we went to a shindig for the all of the small group leaders in our church. It's kind of like a pep rally of sorts, making sure we are all on the same page.

We played Pac-Man and an 80's version of Don't Forget the Lyrics. Top it off with Mexican food and I was totally in my element.

When we got down to the business side of things our Director of Connections Ministries mentioned a set of DVD's she wanted the groups to consider using during the summer months. The Passion Series by Louie Giglio. She went on to talk briefly about each of the DVD's in the series. They all sounded interesting but one grabbed my attention. Laminin. A protein molecule in our bodies.

Now, you may already know about Laminin. If so, please know that I have forgiven you for not telling me about this sooner! If you don't and you're in a small group at the church I attend, this could be a spoiler, so you'll have to forgive me!

Without further ado, please watch this snipet of Louie Giglio speaking about Laminin.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Introducing the New and Improved ...

So Saturday morning, I'm in the kitchen working on the cake pops.
Which turned our lovely btw. Thanks for asking.
A-Man comes schadoodling into the kitchen. He had been cleaning his room.
With his hands behind his back he says:
"Mommy, I have a surprise for you!"
"Great, I love surprises! Let's see it"

I know, you're thinking moldy PB and J or deceased frog that was left to live out its final moments in a little boy's pocket.


"Mommy, it's a thread machine. I found it in my room and I just knew you could use it when you were sewing. See it has brown, shiny thread in it. And it's really soft."

Any guesses?

How about a cassette tape. The "tape" aka "thread" had been pulled out and wrapped around the outside of the cassette SEVERAL times. Who would have thought a contraption like that could produce music? Nope. Thread Machine.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Never Trust a Skinny Cook

I'm heading back to the kitchen this weekend. Can't wait!

Last weekend I made Chocolate Cobbler and if you have talked to me for more than five minutes any time in the last seven days, I'm sure I have mentioned it. It's amazing!! I can't wait to make it along with my homemade vanilla ice cream. The thought of that combination almost makes me spontaneously combust!!!

Enough talk already, I know, I know. Here is where I found the recipe. Chocolate Cobbler at Lolly Chops

What's on the agenda for my little kitchen this weekend? I'm so glad you asked!

Are you up to speed on cake pops? If not visit Bakerella! WARNING: Please cover your keyboard with plastic wrap before browsing this site. I'm telling you this woman is God's gift to the expandable waistband!

Now my cake pops are probably not going to look like the those you see on Bakerella, so don't go asking for me to post photos and all. My small group members will get to be the guinea pigs since we're having finger foods on Sunday evening. I would really like to make two batches. One strawberry and the other carrot cake. We'll see what happens.

Dessert on a stick. Proof that Jesus loves us. As if dying on the cross wasn't enough!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sentimental Time of Year


Momma's everywhere will have chicks leaving the nest in the next few weeks. I have one leaving the Kindergarten nest and one leaving the Collegiate nest.

Wait, Ms. Can't Be Wrong, you only have one little birdie.

Yes, you are right, sort of. The Kindergartener is my own flesh and blood. The college student is one of the students in my office. Over the last three years she has worked for me she has been a valuable employee, friend, daughter, sister, you name it. We sort of view life from the same roost.

She gave me a beautiful card earlier this week. I'm not much of card keeper, but this one is an exception.

This card, along with some other things in life, have reminded me of how important it is to stop and say thank you. Not just the automatic, robotic thank you you hear when you hold the door open for someone. Not just the "Hey, thanks, I really appreciate it." with that little wave we all do. I mean, writing your heart down.

But, Ms. Can't Be Wrong ... I'm not a good writer, you see I'm just not that good at words.

Trust me write down how your heart feels whether it's in an e-mail, a twitter message, a face book wall post, or a hand written note. I promise, no matter how short or long your thoughts are, they WILL mean the world to the recipient.

Don't just stand there get those words out of your heart and on a page of some sort. Tell your chicks, whether they are leaving the nest or not, how thankful you are for them.

I'm off to send a note myself ... to two young men who made my little guy feel like he was big stuff and worth a million bucks!