Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Christmas Wedding

18 months ago when Hubs' Mom passed away, there was no doubt in our minds that his Dad would get remarried.

Saturday was the big day. The scene was a little country church surronded by farm land. The nearest farm land was occupied by a hog farm. Anyone who has ever been around a hog farm can sympathize with the terrible smell we were greeted by as we excited the car to enter the church. Uck!

Being a Christmas wedding most of the church was already decorated, but they had added a few extra touches of red and white. This was a full-meal-deal wedding. There were attendents, a reception, cake cutting, garter tossing, and bird seed throwing.

My father-in-law even sang to his new bride in the ceremony. I think the name of the song was "Only God Could Love You More."

All of the small children were well behaved. And my father-in-law's good friend was a trooper despite threats to dress in drag and make a scene on the front pew!

The whole experience was quite odd, even though we are quite happy with their relationship. Now we can relate to some experiences of today's blended families.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Productiveness has Officially Ended!

The snow held off until the truck was about half unloaded and then we only got less than an inch!

Adults, kids and all we had nearly 20 people help us move! Wow, I'm still amazed! My soon-to-be step-mother-in-law invited her sister-in-law from her first marriage over. Apparently they live a couple of towns away. They really came to visit with Sue, but lucky for us they grabbed some boxes and carried them in.

Gigi and her lovely family came to help. It was quite an educational experience for her. She now knows what a "holler" doesn't necissarly have to do with yelling. And, she also has sources for horse linament that she didn't have before! Hubs and I both originate from "the sticks." I was a little surprised that Gi didn't know this stuff, she is far from a Yankee!

Anywho, we rested on Sunday. Didn't unpack a stinkin' thing. Yesterday my friends, I busted it. Unpacked the entire kitchen, put the living room and dining room in order (minus some decor on the walls), went shopping for new bathroom acessories, and put up the Christmas tree. Whew!

Gi and the fam stopped by last night with a house warming meal! Clever idea, huh! She will have to explain the origin, but basically the meal consists of mashed potatoes smothered with chicken and noodles, served with a side of cornbread!
Dude we pigged out!

Today I tackled the Master Bath. Had to see how the goodies I bought yesterday would work out. Very well, I must say. I will put some pics up soon. The camera is dead and we can't seem to locate the charger.

As of fifteen minutes ago, the DSL (Thank You, Jesus!), and the satelitte are installed and ready to roll! This is why the unpacking has ceased!

So as much as I would love to stay and chat, I'm off to organize!

Friday, December 14, 2007

To Snow or Not to Snow

I love snow. Especially right before Christmas! It just makes the world a nicer place!

Currently the forecast calls for anywhere from 'a light dusting' to 12", depending on who you talk to. And, this is all scheduled to start this evening.

Now, it is important to note that I am one of those "If-you're-gonna-go-GO-BIG" kinda girls! A light dusting, really shouldn't be classified as snowfall. It's like a bald guy with comb-over thinking he has hair.

So bring on the 12"!

SFX: brakes screeching to a halt

It can't snow tonight! Please Dear Jesus -- wait another 24 hours and you can double the snow blessing!

Tomorrow is the day. Moving day! Five and 1/2 years of marriage, one child, miles (nearly 100) from the in-laws, two many job transfer offers to count and I am finally a home owner! The Hubs, A-Man and I are so very excited. We will have Christmas in our new (10yr old) home!

I must say it's quite adorable! We're keeping most of the color scheme from the previous owners, including RED on the walls! God blessed them with some decorating skills and I gonna piggy back! Lord knows if I would have done it myself it would have looked like the outside of McDonald's!! Oh, and there is a cute little pond outside the front door with, Koi. Do fish like snow?! I know what you're thinking! -- a house with a great color scheme and pets, STINKIN' AMAZING!

And back to that snow in the forecast ...
Anyone every tried to maneuver a moving truck on snow? Hubs thinks he can drive anything! He can, too. But it usually involves me, feet pressed through the floor board (I swear there are actual size 6 1/2 indentions), eyes shut tight, repeating the phrase "covered by the blood!" He did mention something this morning about snow chains! And with his automotive connections it wouldn't surprise me if he came home with some.

So you all can see why I'm torn here. Not to mention the new abode has a awesome sledding hill!

Oh my, only time will tell.

There are still a few more things to pack, very strategically I might ad. Gigi, I'll be dropping by to borrow one of those locking suitcases!