Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Productiveness has Officially Ended!

The snow held off until the truck was about half unloaded and then we only got less than an inch!

Adults, kids and all we had nearly 20 people help us move! Wow, I'm still amazed! My soon-to-be step-mother-in-law invited her sister-in-law from her first marriage over. Apparently they live a couple of towns away. They really came to visit with Sue, but lucky for us they grabbed some boxes and carried them in.

Gigi and her lovely family came to help. It was quite an educational experience for her. She now knows what a "holler" doesn't necissarly have to do with yelling. And, she also has sources for horse linament that she didn't have before! Hubs and I both originate from "the sticks." I was a little surprised that Gi didn't know this stuff, she is far from a Yankee!

Anywho, we rested on Sunday. Didn't unpack a stinkin' thing. Yesterday my friends, I busted it. Unpacked the entire kitchen, put the living room and dining room in order (minus some decor on the walls), went shopping for new bathroom acessories, and put up the Christmas tree. Whew!

Gi and the fam stopped by last night with a house warming meal! Clever idea, huh! She will have to explain the origin, but basically the meal consists of mashed potatoes smothered with chicken and noodles, served with a side of cornbread!
Dude we pigged out!

Today I tackled the Master Bath. Had to see how the goodies I bought yesterday would work out. Very well, I must say. I will put some pics up soon. The camera is dead and we can't seem to locate the charger.

As of fifteen minutes ago, the DSL (Thank You, Jesus!), and the satelitte are installed and ready to roll! This is why the unpacking has ceased!

So as much as I would love to stay and chat, I'm off to organize!


Stacey said...

Ohhhh sounds like such a good time--I wish I could have been there helping y'all too. Because then I could douse myself with mashed potatoes and chicken and cornbread...MmmmmmMMMMMMMM!

You are posting photos of the abode soon, no? Happy unpacking and organizing and enjoying your new home. And being so close to the Gi! xo

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

So, you guys liked that Yankee food, huh? I've got to get that that horse linament back to you...it's about to get put into a locked suitcase!!!!