Friday, May 15, 2009

Never Trust a Skinny Cook

I'm heading back to the kitchen this weekend. Can't wait!

Last weekend I made Chocolate Cobbler and if you have talked to me for more than five minutes any time in the last seven days, I'm sure I have mentioned it. It's amazing!! I can't wait to make it along with my homemade vanilla ice cream. The thought of that combination almost makes me spontaneously combust!!!

Enough talk already, I know, I know. Here is where I found the recipe. Chocolate Cobbler at Lolly Chops

What's on the agenda for my little kitchen this weekend? I'm so glad you asked!

Are you up to speed on cake pops? If not visit Bakerella! WARNING: Please cover your keyboard with plastic wrap before browsing this site. I'm telling you this woman is God's gift to the expandable waistband!

Now my cake pops are probably not going to look like the those you see on Bakerella, so don't go asking for me to post photos and all. My small group members will get to be the guinea pigs since we're having finger foods on Sunday evening. I would really like to make two batches. One strawberry and the other carrot cake. We'll see what happens.

Dessert on a stick. Proof that Jesus loves us. As if dying on the cross wasn't enough!

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elisa said...

I always say that too. When we lived in New Orleans, there was this guy, Frank DAvis (HUGE BTW), and his canjun recipes are to die for! So I just found you blog. We need to do a family dinner.