Friday, June 19, 2009

My day as a princess

Several of you have asked how the princess party went last weekend. I really haven't had a chance to share since things have been so busy this week.
A-man started swimming lessons.
The dog chewed thru his collar
I'm behind on my sewing projects
Dog pooped in the floor (1st time in forever) and I stepped in it with my bare feet.
We put two much chemical in the pond.
Bucket brigade to empty out the pond trying to save the fish.
All the fish are ka-put!
Whew, I'm glad it is Friday!

Anyhow, you're really here for the princess story. So my lovely and dear friend Mrs. Rodgers and her friend Susan decided to host a princess tea party for all of the little girls in their church. Mrs. Rodgers mentioned this to me and my brain started doing a round-off, double back-flip, back layout!
"Oh, you could do this and this and that and that. Oh and how about this!" I think her brain was exhausted when I was done or she was wishing she hadn't mentioned it.

To make a long story short. I ended up designing the invitations, and an iron-on transfer to commemorate the event. I also ended up being a guest princess at the event. My task was to read "Gigi, God's Little Princess: The Royal Tea Party" by Sheila Walsh to the girls.

Great. No problem. Except I needed a princess dress. Check. My mom made one and I bedazzled it. I'm pretty confident at this point. Until I realize there are going to be Mom's there that I haven't seen in years. More importantly, these Mom's haven't met the 45 pounds of me I have gained since the last time they saw me. Urgh.

The show must go on. I slept on those pink foam rollers the night before. Put my fairly short hair into and up do. Stuck in my rhinestone tiara and put on my what-was-I-smokin'-when-I-bought-this super sparkly eye-shadow with glitter.

I drove the hour to the church. Everything was gorgeous! When the girls entered there was a pink runway, for them to walk down, lined with flowers. At the end was a giant mural of a castle. Princess music floated from the speakers. A castle cake, a punch fountain, little triangle sandwiches, fresh fruit, chocolate covered pretzels. Those ladies did not miss a detail. A photographer took each girls picture in front of the castle. There were pictures of sisters and mommies and daughters.

All in all, I was honored to be a part of it.

Now, when it came time for me to read the story. I stood in front of the castle mural. It is important to note that this mural was hung over a window. The sun was shining right through this window as I was standing in front of it. I was reading my little princess heart out. About six pages into the book, I realized this was quite the toasty spot to be standing in. Eight pages into the book I realized I had forgotten to put on deodorant that morning!!!

There is nothing worse than a stinky princess!!! I kept the info to myself. Hmmm. What is a girl to do? Well, I took my inspiration from a U.S. Senator. A Senator that had been in far worse predicaments than my own. John McCain. Stay with me here.

I proceeded to walk around, during the remainder of the party, with my upper arms glued to my side. Kind of like John McCain does. Not because he has sweaty pits, but because of the injuries he sustained as a POW. I think it worked.

I left the party before all of the festivities were over. I had A-man's last flag football game to attend. I rolled in the city limits just in time. No time for deodorant. It's a football game, no one would know it was me! However, the sunglasses had to stay on because the glittery eye shadow was quite the distraction. That stuff just WILL NOT come off. So if you have seen me in real life this week and wondered why I was wearing glitter on my face and a deodorant necklace, NOW YOU KNOW!!!

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shawn said...

I so wish I could have come and brought my girls, but they were at their Dads and he wont budge an inch. SO we missed out!! Heard you were great though!!