Monday, August 13, 2007

Competitive Potluck

Okay, so my competitive spirit is totally NUTS!

The proof is in the pudding. HA! You'll laugh in a minute.

The Hubs works with the hospitality team at church. I tend to think of him as Super Usher, although he refuses to wear a cape on Sunday! What a stick in the mud!

Anywho. . . there is an appreciation potluck Friday night for the workers and their families. I believe the menu is BBQ. We, based on where our last name falls in the alphabet, are assigned to bring a side dish.

So after yesterday afternoon the conversing goes something like this:

ME: So did you find out what we need to bring?

HUBS: I told him we just wanted to check so we didn't end up with too much of one thing. He said to bring any side dish that goes with BBQ.

(Note: "We just wanted to. . ." That would interpret as me and my mostly-when-it-relates-to-event-planning Type A personality.)

ME: Okay, then it's on!

See, I have this thing about cooking for gatherings. Whatever I choose to bring has to be different from all the other entries, uh I mean dishes. It also has to taste SO good the platter is nearly licked clean of crumbs. Bonus points are issued based on the number of people that ask for the recipe.

You are probably starting to think that competitiveness is an understatement, aren't you! Well, stop being judgmental and let a girl live a little will you!

This potluck is on Friday so I have just a few days to plan my strategy. I will admit desserts and main courses are my specialty. This side dish thing is going to be a challenge. I'm thinking something cool and fresh, since it is going to be a million degrees outside. Potato salad an coleslaw are out, too obvious.

Please say a prayer for me as I embark on the ultimate church potluck challenge!

I'm off to search the volumes of trusty cookbooks!


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Girl Gone Wild said...

Girl! You need serious help! We're talking about OUR church goers...they lick-clean any plate put in front of them! (cause there's never enough food brought!)

Dang! I wish I was in hospitality!