Thursday, August 23, 2007


Long time no blog.

I'll explain later.

So I told you about my potluck ordeal. Boy, did it turn out to be an ordeal!

I decided on a Cucumber and Tomato Salad courtesy of I chopped my veggies Thursday night and I whisked my dressing. The colors, the aroma, it was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. Off to the fridge to chill over night.

Friday A.M.
Me, the Hubs, and the A-Man are carpooling today. It will all be much easier with one vehicle. Except that I'm not a morning person and I'm stuck in a very small space with two very awake people. Enough about me. Just before we arrive at our drop of locations, the Hubs decides to do a drive thru breakfast. I would rather be sleeping, the A-Man wants something to eat even though he will be eating at school in ten minutes, and the Hubs who, bless his heart, NEVER thinks to ask others in the car if they know what they want before the box asks to take order, pulls up to the speaker on a stick.
Nano-seconds before the Hubs pulls up to the window, I get whiff of cool cucumbers. My brain says, "How relaxing in this moment of chaos." Wait a minute, that bowl is covered, I shouldn't be able to smell that. A quick reach to the back floor board reveals the the bowl has tipped over, ever so slightly, and a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and olive oil has made an aromatic puddle in my car! Can you say pickle-mobile? I managed to find a spare pair of A-Man's whitie tighties to sop it up with.
The chaos goes from mild to full blown. That poor drive thru attendant must have thought we were a traveling circus. It was nuts, to say the least.

Good News
The salad was intact, the Hubs found a safe home for in it in his office frig for the day. Fast forward to Friday evening. We are all back in the car along with the salad. Despite 100+ degree heat the car smelled fairly normal. We drop A-Man off with my rents and head to the potluck.

The Verdict
I completely over estimated the number of people in attendance. - 15 points
Nearly everyone complimented the dish. + 3 points
The hostess asked for the recipe. + 5 points
Total score 93 out of 100. A-


Girl Gone Wild said...

You are such a goofball! I can't belive you used A-Man's undies to clean up the dressing!!! There's got to be a bad joke in there somewhere...oh, that IS the bad joke!

Recipe sounds yum...will have to try it out after all our tummies are done with the poison lambada, kwim???

Stacey said...

GiGi is right, you're very funny! I'm thinking together with GiGi, you two are insanely hilarious at church! I'm getting a kick out of the visual of the poor order-taker on the other end of THAT box, lol!

Great meeting you, I'm linking to ya now! ~Stacey (Gi's Gidget)