Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 - The Year of Change? or When you get to see a seed sprout!

So far 2010 is looking like it will be full of change. Our home study is scheduled to be completed by the 22nd. That is a week from Friday! We're gonna have to get to working on putting that crib together. Have a little person in the house will be a big change.

One big change is not enough for the Jenkins' Casa, no sir-ee! I have made the decision to leave my position at the University. It was a tough decision.

I have always felt that God put me in this job to be an example of his love and let people know there is more to life. I know I've done better some days than others! If God put me here He would have to release me to move on. Open a new door. At the end of November a new opportunity came to light.

I believe in miracles. This job was vacant for 9 months. Who knows how many people applied! I was chosen at just the right time. The right time for the newspaper. The right time for me. We needed to move, but I had to have a job before we did. Within two weeks the job was mine (even though I had actually applied 8 weeks prior to that) and we had a place to live. It may be small but to us at that time it was a whirlwind miracle.

I have had my share of struggles here everything from a period of two weeks or so where I a student worker quit on average every two days. Keep in mind that I only had a total of five people working for me. Makes a girl question her personality traits and hygiene practices among other things. The economy has been a kicker too. Ultimately I have always felt God put me here for a purpose, His purpose.

Release #1
At the beginning of November we gave our board a more than bleak report of incoming revenue. Things were not looking good. Then things turned around. Beginning with the next issue of the newspaper we started shattering revenue goals! Within six weeks were back on track financially. Truly incredible!

Release #2
In early December I received word that our direct competition had decided to call it quits. Seriously, are you kidding? After four and a half years they are just going to stop printing? I confirmed it, and then did a happy dance. (It was okay to do a happy dance. No one was losing their job in this ordeal.) I take no credit for their ship sinking, but I appreciate the fact that it will make the lives of my advertising staff significantly easier.

Release #3
We had another mountain we had been working on moving for some time. The details would bore you. So I'll just say the mountain was moved and a ski resort was opened on it. The ski resort is providing a great source of revenue!

Release #4 (The Hum-Dinger)
I try to be very strong in my faith. I don't want to turn people away with it, but I do want them to know where I stand in it. I have tried in my own little ways to plant a seed of God's love in the life of every student that has worked for me and with me. Even the one I fired!
There was one student who worked for me that was different. She was hard when it came to God. She didn't want anything to do with church, Christians, etc. I wouldn't give up. I saw her potential. I kept nudging and nudging. I tried my best, that was all I could do. She graduated, my opportunity was over. I kept in touch with her via Facebook. I found it humorous that she got a job doing graphic design for a Christian T-Shirt company. What an odd match. I believed God was still putting people in her path, because He saw her potential too.
Anyway, in early December I went to work at church. It wasn't the easiest services I have ever worked. I can't even remember why. For one, I had forgotten my cell phone. It is actually a crucial part to what I do there every weekend. When we got home that afternoon I headed straight for my bed to pull the covers over my head. My bed is where I had just happened to leave my phone. I picked up my beloved Blackberry and checked Twitter, E-Mail, and Facebook messages.
One Facebook message took my breath away. It was from the student that used to work for me. She had been to church, the church I attend of all places. Her and her boyfriend loved it. They couldn't wait to go back. I cried. I felt closure. I felt as though I accomplished what God put me at the newspaper to accomplish. This former student could find her potential now, a potential she never realized she had. I planted a seed and was lucky enough to see it sprout.

All of these things told me this was the right opportunity for me to leave. Everything happened at just the right time. A door peacefully closed and another opened.

I hope in some way this post encourages anyone who reads it. I know I will come back and read it from time to time.

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