Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My other family

I am so fortunate to have an extended family. The students that work for me at the university are like my children. At times they frustrate me, make me laugh, make me feel old, or make me feel very proud. In return I hope that I can be an example, so they see Christ shine through me.

Now, a little about each of my peeps!

J.W. -- He adds words and phrases to my vocabulary like "wigidty womp!" He will be going to Florence for the summer. I keep teasing him, saying he will find the girl of his dreams and never come back!

J.T. -- She is my prim and proper tom-boy! J.T. is so reserved, quiet and serious. Her work ethic is amazing! On the weekend you will find her tearing it up on the paintball field! I'm telling you this girl is fierce (and not in the Project Runway kind of way). I'm losing her in a couple of weeks to grad school, but I know she will do great things everywhere she goes!

M.M. -- Eeyore, as I fondly call him, is starting to lose his negativism a little at a time. Don't get me wrong, he is a great kid and a hard worker. He would walk to the ends of the earth for his little girlfriend, it's quite sweet (okay, okay, so sometimes it's a little much and I have to throw up in my mouth a little). It's very important to M.M. that he do a good job, no matter the cost.

S.G. -- She is my veteran. I'm always trying to challenge her to come up with her own answers and conquer situations that may arise. She will be getting married in a little over a year. She will leave me then to support her future husband in medical school. They have promised me I can live in their pool house one day!

A.D. -- This girl wears me out! Energy beyond belief! She reminds me of my real-life sister. You can give her all the advice you want, but she has to do it her way just to see if it will work or not. She is the Queen of Independence! I am so very proud of A.D., she will be moving to NYC in a few weeks to work for Tommy Hilfiger as the Children's Division Product Development Intern.

These kids are only in my life for a short season. I can only hope I am able to touch their lives as much as they touch mine.

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Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

First off...You sing My Humps in the shower?!?! No wonder T's a happy hubby! (Now I threw up in MY mouth)

Your kiddo's sound like a fun group to work with. That would be so hard getting close with them only to have them move on with their young adult lives...