Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A new passion and a giveaway!

In my efforts to give unique Christmas gifts this year, I have developed a new passion for, of all things, APRONS! I couple of months ago I decided to make (as in sewing for the first time in years) my sister a very fun apron along with a set of embellished rubber dish washing gloves.

The way I see it an apron is the perfect way to have a little "glam" during kitchen duty. We have shoes for every outfit, why not a cute apron for every recipe?

As you all know bloggyville has everything for everyone, including the fabulous (really I think made just for me) Apronista! If you get the apron thing and you haven't stopped by The Apronista, GO NOW! If you don't get the apron thing go to The Apronista for a look around, and you will.

The best part, an adorable apron giveaway! Careful, don't sprain your clicking finger!

1 comment:

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Aprons, huh? Does that mean I would actually have to cook?