Monday, October 1, 2007

Lost and Found

Okay, so I work at a college newspaper. Some days it feels like a glorified babysitting job. Other days its a complete riot, like today!

A little background.
I supervise the advertising department. This semester we started offering classified advertising, FREE of charge to students, faculty and staff! Little did we know the fun and exciting things we would have the opportunity to advertise!

First free ad of the semester:
--For Sale, Precious Moments Collectibles,
because the HOT item on college campuses these days is who has the limited addition of the "You are my sunshine" figurine!

Ad that was canceled before it ran:
--Wanted to buy reasonably cheap, various sports memorabilia, hay, and laptop computer.
I am currently doing research to find the percentage of college students who have some extra bales of hay lying around.

Now this one an honest to goodness paid ad, from a professional business man.
--Worried about passing that test? Hypnosis works, guaranteed!
Where was he when I had college algebra?

Today's submission and my personal favorite so far:
Found, guinea pig near science building. If lost call XXX-XXXX.

Thank you Jesus, for humor on the job!

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